Colorbration⁺ Introduction

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    What is Colorbration⁺?

    Color accuracy is one of the most important aspects of the creative workflow and ensuring that your monitor’s color accurately represents the color of your original image or digital file is essential. The software allows you to:

    • Calibrate and profile your monitor quickly and easily.
    • Control white point, luminance, contrast ratio, gamma, and more.
    • Save time, money, guesswork, and frustration that generally comes with monitor calibration.
    • Focus on your work with complete confidence.

    Monitor Support

    Colorbration⁺ supports the following models:

    • VP2458
    • VP2771
    • VP3481
    • VP2468
    • VP2785-2K
    • VP3881
    • VP2768
    • VP2785-4K
    • VP2768-4K
    • VP3268
    • VP3481
    • VP3881

    Measurement Device Support

    Currently, Colorbration⁺ supports:

    • X-Rite:
    • i1 Display Pro
    • i1 Pro 2
    • ColorMunki Photo
    • ColorMunki Design
    • i1Studio
    • Datacolor
    • Spyder X series