VG2756-4K Adjusting the Viewing Angle

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Height Adjustment

Lower or raise the monitor to the desired height (0 to 130 mm).

NOTE: When adjusting, press down firmly along the adjustment track holding the monitor with both hands on the side.

Swivel Adjustment

Swivel the monitor to the left or right for the desired viewing angle (60˚).

Tilt Angle Adjustment

Tilt the monitor forwards or backwards to the desired viewing angle (-5˚ to 40˚).

  • When adjusting, support the stand firmly with one hand while tilting the monitor forwards or backwards with the other hand.
  • The monitor must be lifted to the highest position, then it can support 40˚ tilt.

Screen Orientation Adjustment (Monitor Pivot)

  1. Adjust the monitor height to the highest position. Then tilt the monitor backwards to the full tilt position.
  2. Rotate the monitor 90° clockwise or counter clockwise from landscape to portrait orientation.

  • To rotate the screen image, manually change the system’s display orientation settings.
  • When adjusting, make sure to hold both sides of your monitor firmly with both hands.