VB-STND-007 Introduction

Package Contents

Letter Quantity Description Note
A 2 Bolts M6 x 14mm
B 6 Nuts M8
C 4 Bolts M5 x 25mm
D 4 Bolts M6 x 25mm
E 4 Bolts M8 x 25mm
F 4 Bolts M4 x 8mm
G 1 Hex Tool 4mm
H 1 Wrench
I 4 Caster Covers Left Covers (x2)
Right Covers (x2)
J 2 Attachable Cord Clamps
K 1 Control Pad
L 1 USB Type A to
USB Type A cable
M 2 Trolley Bases
N 2 Mounting Brackets
O 1 Power Extension Cord
P 1 Power Cord
Q 1 Keyboard Tray
NOTE: The power cord included in your package may vary depending on your country. Please contact your local reseller for more information.

Product Overview

Front and Side View

I/O Ports and Controls

Number Port Description
1 USB A [1] USB A Port
2 Lift Up/Down Buttons Adjust Lift Height
3 RJ45 [2] RJ45 Port
4 AC Out Power Output Socket
5 AC In Power Input Socket
  1. Only use the USB-A port to connect with IFP. Lift can be controlled via the app on the IFP.
  2. Only use the RJ45 port to connect with the Control Pad.

Control Pad