PD1013 PD1013T Adjusting the Viewing Angle

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Adjustable Stand Legs

There are three (3) adjustable stand legs on the pen display. This allows for a viewing angle of 0°, 15°, or 20° in portrait orientation; and 0°, 9°, 13° in landscape orientation.

PD1013 PD1013T Adjustable Stand Legs.png

Changing to Portrait Orientation

In order to use the adjustable stand in portrait orientation, one adjustable stand leg must be unscrewed, rotated, and screwed back into place.

PD1013 PD1013T Changing to Portrait.png

Additionally, it is recommended that the pen holder is also rotated.

PD1013 PD1013T Changing to Portrait 2.png
NOTE: A small cover plate hides the screws, please remove first.