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  • 360 degree smart stand with instant Power ON/OFF (with Lens cover function).
  • Auto keystone to correct distorted images automatically.
  • Eye Protection function for objects that get too close to the lens (30 cm distance / 30 degrees).
  • USB-C for video transmission and power supply.
  • Embedded battery for easy outdoor projection (up to 6 hours).
  • Adjustable light source mode to extend your battery usage hours.
  • 16GB internal storage (Max. 12GB available).
  • User-friendly UI design for easy navigation.
  • Music mode enables users to enjoy music without projecting an image.
  • Short throw lens design to allow 1.6m distance to project 60” screen size.
  • LED light source with excellent light source life (30,000 hrs).
  • Supports 3D display.
  • Color modes providing choices for different projection purposes.
  • Multi-language On-Screen Display (OSD) Menus.
NOTE: The apparent brightness of the projected image will vary depending on the ambient lighting conditions, selected input signal contrast/brightness settings, and projection distance.

Package Contents

Projector Overview

Number Item
1 Speaker
2 Ventilation
3 Focus Ring
4 Tripod Hole
5 IR Receiver
6 Eye Protection Sensor
7 Enter/Power Button
8 Volume Down
9 Volume Up
10 Return
11 Battery Indicator
12 Speaker PR
13 Micro SD
14 DC IN
15 USB-C
16 HDMI Port
17 Audio Out
18 USB Reader (5V/1A out)
19 Reset Button[1]
20 Smart Stand
  1. In the event of a system crash, use the Reset Button to restart the projector.

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