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LD135-151 Introduction

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Package Contents

Item Quantity Note
Cabinet Sections 5 sections total One (1) left, three (3) Middle, and one (1) Right.
System Control Box
(Left and Right sides)
2 sides
Quick Start Guide
LED Modules 100 modules The quantity of spare LED modules will vary by country.
Remote Control 1
Screws 16 x M6x10mm (1)
32 x M6x50mm Expansion (2)
32 x TA6x30mm (3)
20 x M6x16mm (4)
12 x KM3x6mm (5)
Hex Tool 1
System Control Box Covers
(Left, Middle, and Right sides)
Wall Mounting Brackets 4
Vacuum Suction Tool 1
Anti-Static Glove
2 pairs
USB-A to USB-B Cable (5m) 1

  • This product is packed in an air transport box.
  • Due to the size and weight, it is recommended that two or more people handle it.
  • The base stand is an optional accessory and will be sold separately.

Product Overview

Front Panel

Rear Panel

I/O Control Panel

Number Port Description
1 RS-232 Serial control port.
2 Ambient Light Sensor Detects ambient light and adjusts brightness levels automatically.
3 USB 2.0 USB Reader (5V/0.5A)
4 USB 3.0 USB Reader (5V/1A)
5 HDMI Out Extend content out to another display device.
6 HDMI In High definition input; connect to PC with HDMI output, set-top box, or other video device.
7 Audio Out Audio output to an external speaker.
8 USB-B Maintenance port for external PC connection.
9 IR Receiver Receiver for the Remote Control.
10 LAN Standard RJ45 (10M/100M/1000M) Internet connection interface.
11 Stand-by Press to enter Stand-by mode.
12 Input Select Press to cycle through available input sources.
13 Brightness Press to cycle through brightness levels.
Locking the Control Panel
When the administrator does not want others to use the control panel, it can be locked by pressing 1168+OK on the remote control.

Further Reading