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myViewBoard Display allows users to mirror their desktop wirelessly to supported Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) and Wireless Presentation Displays (WPD). myViewBoard Display comes preinstalled on selected ViewBoard hardware, but can also be installed manually on any IFP or WPD that runs Android 6 or higher. Once myViewBoard Display is installed on an IFP or WPD, users will only need to use a compatible browser to start mirroring their device screen to the host.

Network Information:

  • Ports:
  • TCP Port 443 (HTTPS): outbound
  • UDP and TCP port 3478 bidirectional to the WebRTC servers
  • UDP Ports 50,000 – 65,535 (RTP/sRTP/RTCP) bidirectional to the WebRTC servers (These ports are optional; if blocked, media will be proxied using TURN on port 3478.)
Display Service