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=Quick Menu=
Press the '''Shortcut''' key to activate the Quick Menu.
<div class="res-img">[[File:VX2705VA2232-2KP-mhd_Quick_Menuh_Quick_Menu.png|300px]]</div>
:<small>'''NOTE:''' Follow the key guide that appears on the screen to select the option or make adjustments.</small>
{| class="wikitable" style="font-weight:bold;text-align: center; width=40%"
| ViewMode
| style="font-weight:normal;" | Select one of the preset color settings.
| [[File:Icon_Volume.svg|50px|link=| Volume]]
| Volume
| style="font-weight:normal;" | Adjust the level, or mute the volume.
| [[File:Icon_Brightness_Contrast.svg|50px|link=| Brightness and Contrast]]

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